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Little Software Stats

Little Software Stats is a web application that allows users to monitor their software.

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  • How Secure Is Little Software Stats?Although we cannot say that Little Software Stats is 100% secure, we can say that we have put lots of effort into making sure that Little Software Stats is secure. Just like all other software, Little Software Stats is susceptible to flaws which can be discovered by third parties and when these are discovered we will make our best effort to have them fixed.

    It should also be noted that their are numerous security techniques used in the Little Software Stats. These techniques include CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) prevention with randomly generated tokens in the forms, mandatory password confirmation when changing settings, and the use of CAPTCHA when logging into Little Software Stats. The cookies that are used to associate a user with Little Software Stats (also known as PHP sessions) are only valid with one IP address and are automatically regenerated at login in order to prevent session hijacking. We are constantly keeping track of new black hat security techniques in order to have Little Software Stats secure as possible.
  • What Is Little Software Stats?Little Software Stats is the first free and open source application that allows software developers to monitor how their software is being used. It is developed using PHP & MySQL which allows it to be ran on most web servers.
  • What Information Does Little Software Stats Collect?Little Software Stats is used to keep track of how software is used and this includes information such as usage (executions, installations, exceptions, etc), environments (operating systems, memory, languages, etc) and where users are located (by country). Little Software Stats is not intended to be used to collect personal information (names, addresses, credit cards, etc). For more information, please see privacy information.
  • Why Should I Use Little Software Stats?Not only does Little Software Stats allow you to keep track of how your software is used, it can also help improve your software for future releases.
  • What Licenses Does Little Software Stats Use?Little Software Stats itself is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 and the Little Software Stats libraries are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.